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Parents are the driving force behind Signs for Success propelling it beyond its original focus of three to six-year olds to younger and older children. Parents have signed onto our programmes from the U.K., Italy, Portugal, America, Japan and China.

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Signs for Success trains Early Years Practitioners, Teachers, Classroom Assistants, Speech Therapists, Health Visitors, Adult Tutors of English, EAL teachers, Linguists and Child-Care Students from all over the UK and Abroad.

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Welcome to Signs for Success

Signs for Success is a pioneer of signing for the 0 - 6's. Our programmes use sign language alongside speech in the crucial early years. Signing is a wonderful Memory Clue To Words!

In the simple but ingenious methodology, children learn earlier, faster and they retain their knowledge much longer. Best of all, they LOVE it!

Read the Spelling Research with children's spelling ages raised over 6 months in 6 weeks.

  • Expanding Vocabulary. Clarifying Pronunciation.
  • Acquiring Phonics.
  • Learning to Read, Write and Spell.

Signs for Success benefits;

  • All Children in the early stages of language and literacy development
  • Children with English an additional language (EAL)
  • Children with special needs

Why Signing Works

  • Motivates learning because it is great Fun.
  • Children signing SEE, FEEL & DO Words.
  • Children fingerspelling SEE, FEEL & SPELL Words.
  • Improves Letters and Words Recall, Engagement & Concentration.

Together with Listening and Speaking, its an unbeatable, truly Multi-Sensory, combination.

"Signing to advance Speech, Language and Communication" course

Percentage improvement in babies and children in a six-month period.

Signing with babies and young children

  • "Should be in every nursery and primary school." The Times Educational Supplement
  • "Clearly changing the lives of children." Wavemakers Award
  • "Signs for Success can make a real impact on literacy standards." Prof Tim Brighouse
  • "´Photo´ sounds like ´foto´. But the children can SEE it's a 'ph' and not a 'f' with fingerspelling." Erica Hewetson, St Vincent's Primary School