WOW Character Puppet

signs for success

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Children Love WOW. On the back of WOW's hands there are flaps for children to put their hands through to make WOW sign.

Superb for involving in storytelling and other activities, especially when trying to convey feelings or helping children to express 'their' feelings through WOW.

How Do I use this?

Pop WOW on your lap facing the child. Slip your hands through the loops in WOW's hands and start to sign. WOW then signs along with you.

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  • "Wow has had lots of trips with Evie to Whitby and the Danby Moors Centre."Evie's Mum
  • "The boys were the ones who most wanted to cuddle and stroke him. I think they empathised with his deafness."Signs for Success teacher
  • "I have seen remarkable changes in behaviour and socialisation"Signs for Success Teacher


Recommended for

  • Adults to use with children aged 3 months - 6 years
  • Adults to use with older children with additional needs