Research and evaluation shows the programme benefits all children but in particular EAL children, those with a special need and children with behaviour & attention issues which confirms the use of signed supported English as a credible early intervention and effective communication strategy.

Signs for Success has a proven track record with independent qualitative published research showing:

  • Children’s spelling ages raised over 6 months in 6 weeks.
  • 67% improvement in children’s behaviour & engagement.
  • 48% increase in reading levels of special needs children compared to 5% in the comparison non signing cohort.
  • 68% increase in spelling levels of special needs children compared to 33% in the comparison non-signing cohort.
  • (Birmingham University 2002) Test results showed substantially higher scores in vocabulary acquisition for children exposed to Signs than the control group.
  • (Kingston University 2011) Test results showed 50% improvement in behaviour with children who signed compared to 9% decrease (i.e. deterioration) in behaviour in the non-signing comparison
  • (Kingston University 2011) Test results showed children’s phonic knowledge increased by 76% with fingerspelling compared to 20% with the non-signing comparison

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