All students of our accredited distance learning course "Signing to advance Speech, Language and Communication" fill in an evaluation form.

Here are the results and these should be read in conjunction with the independent research which corroborates practitioners' conclusions.

Perhaps the most pertinent statistic is the 84% increase in children's enjoyment in learning. If children are enjoying learning, they will want more!

Signing with babies and young children

Student feedback

"By nine months, Megan was signing "sleep, eat, drink". It´s been phenomenal. I have been allowed into her world so much earlier."

"Jason has moved from being a candidate for specialist intervention to top of the class! On behalf of Jason, his mum and myself, Thank you."

"The power of sign is amazing, our children are very young and many do not use their voice. Sign somehow unlocks their speech, they recognise the signs almost instantly and somehow are able to say the word."

"This method of communication has been fantastic - it is fun, colourful - definitely age appropriate, easy to work with and a real motivation mechanism for both myself and the children ."

"All children [benefit], especially useful for children with ESL - early stages of language development and children with reduced attention span, ..The benefits if using sign language together with the spoken word have to be seen to be believed."

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