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Accredited Course

Accredited Level 2 and 3 optional units in the Children's and Young People's Diploma or stand-alone CPD units.

Signing to advance Speech, Language and Communication distance learning course is a real winner! An internationally-acclaimed course for parents, early years practitioners and teaching staff with phenomenal outcomes for thousands of children.

A Trailblazer!

Signs for Success is a pioneer of signing methodology and philosophy in the early years curriculum. This practical textbook with hundreds of signing activities, DVD's and Fingerspelling poster pack will provide you with a specialism and expertise that keeps you head and shoulders above the rest.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Together with 3 DVD's and a Fingerspelling Poster Pack, textbook content includes 4 Early Years Foundation Stage Units which have trained countless early years practitioners and parents in the UK and abroad with thousands of children exposed to signing as a multi-sensory clue to early spoken language development and literacy.

Tried and Tested

As a child development guide for parents, staff and students, there is no equivalent and research has shown phenomenal results for children in raised levels of speech and language, reading, writing and spelling skills and improved behaviour. You can read Research and Case Studies in our Evidence section.

  • Early Years Foundation Stage Units
  • Hundreds of practical signing activities
  • QCF Level 2 & 3 Qualification
  • Nationally recognized OCNSWR CPD Award
  • Distance Learning
  • Email and phone support from your one-to-one Tutor
  • 3 brief assignments externally moderated

Want to know more?

Signing to advance Speech, Language and Communication is the essential and bestselling course for anyone wanting to acquire the 'Signing to advance Speech, Language and Communication with Children and Young People' QCF qualification or the OCNSWR CPD (Open College Network South West Region) Award.

Become an Expert!

The course is provided as a distance learning option with one-to-one Tutor support. If you would prefer the course as an Off-The-Shelf package without assignments, click here... Successful students include early years practitioners, teachers, parents, linguists, Foundation degree and Higher Education students, speech therapists ...

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Also included in this pack:

  • signs for success
  • signs for success
  • signs for success
  • signs for success

What is the course exactly?

It's a long distance child development course for anyone interested in using signing to accelerate the learning and development of children aged 0 – 6 years. Little ones exposed to sign language speak earlier, have larger vocabularies, behave better, speedily acquire phonics and most importantly, are happier and content and enjoy learning.

This course has had a tremendous impact on both myself and the children. We have found a new way to communicate, one that is interesting, exciting and fun and where we learn together and from each other."
Nichelle Baldeo, student, Hounslow

Who signs up to the course?

The majority of our students are Early Years practitioners and teachers. In some nurseries we have up to thirteen staff on the course.

"A brilliant course. It ticks all the boxes; child development, early years foundation, Inclusion, English as a second language, behaviour, phonics, social skills, speech and language, confidence and self esteem, professional development, parents ... Very exciting."
Helen Parker, Senior Development Officer, North Lincolnshire

We also have parents, librarians, sign language interpreters, BSL students, degree students, speech and language therapists, SEN co-ordinators and individuals aiming to set up baby signing classes on the course. We have students from as far afield as Portugal and Japan!

What do children think of the programme?

They LOVE signing. It is a joyful way of communicating, one they easily understand.

"Sign language makes you happy… I like it when we sign songs."
Boy, age 5.

"I like it when you sign cos that's how I learn."
Girl, age 5

"Sign motivates the children and their self-esteem soars."

When does the course start?

You can start at any time as it's a distance learning course and you can complete at your own pace.

What does that mean?

It means you will receive the course at your home or setting. Most students are excited to receive the pack and can't wait to get started. You give us your basic information and as soon as we have it, you will be supported throughout by a one-to-one tutor.

A Tutor?

Yes, you will be assigned a personal tutor who will support you throughout the course and mark your assignments (if you are studying for an award or the SFS Diploma). Contact with your distance tutor will be by email and phone.

I want you to know that I really value the support and feedback you have given me along my learning journey. Thank you for that.
Andrea Turner

What will I learn?

Your pack will contain fun-filled action-packed signs and phrases to use on a daily basis with a range of compelling activities that will support the holistic development of the child. This includes early spoken communication, vocabulary development and phonics, all of which provide a solid foundation for the acquisition of literacy. In addition, the course will help you employ innovative, effective and positive behaviour management techniques with young children.

"The theory part of the course gave me a greater understanding of the impact of signing in all areas of children's lives. Planning, carrying out and then evaluating activities made me reflect on what I had done and how I could improve the activity."
A. Pirie, student, Scotland

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you will have

  • Developed a theoretical and practical knowledge of the development of babies and young children.
  • Understood how infant development can be transformed through the simultaneous use of signed and spoken communication.
  • observed, planned and carried out a variety of activities to support babies and young children's development.
  • acquired a significant body of signs to use during babies or children's play activities, as well as day to day routines.
  • learned behaviour management signs, sign phrases and techniques to promote positive behaviour in babies and young children.
  • introduced early phonic teaching with signing and fingerspelling.
  • recorded and evaluated the impact that signed and spoken interaction has on early childhood development
  • developed a strategy for embedding the Signs for Success programme in the home and early years settings
  • learned how the crucial early years of a child's life lay the foundations of literacy development

Can I obtain funding?

You would need to talk to your Nursery/Kindergarten Manager or Headteacher. They may be able to apply to the local authority for a bursary for you. Depending on your age and personal circumstances you may be entitled to all of your fees being paid.

This link may be of help to those funding the course themselves

Will the course benefit my career?

The course is a Continuing Professional Development course which gives you specialist expertise. Many of our students go on to study other programmes such as Portage and SENCO training, one student even set up a Deaf children's charity in Portugal.

"I am loving the course and can really see the benefits to all the children. They pick it all up so fast."
Trudie Emery, student, Hounslow

Does the programme benefit older children?

Signs for Success has children up to the age of eleven learning all areas of the curriculum supported by Sign (literacy, maths, history, science ...). The course provides you with the concept and materials for use with any age children. Signing is a transferable skill.

Multilingual International Sign LanguageAlicia Cottrell

Alicia Cottrell is a Childminder who studied the “Signing to advance Speech, Language and Communication” long distance learning course.

She tells us how Jason moved from a child heading for specialist intervention to one who was top of the class!


Ringrose Kindergarten

"Signing to advance Speech, Language and Communication" is an accredited distance learning course with strong links to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.


"Signing to advance Speech, Language and Communication" course

Percentage improvement in babies and children in a six-month period.

Signing with babies and young children

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