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Based on the internationally-acclaimed Signs for Success curriculum, Word Rumble! is a revolutionary new Multi-Sensory Programme that dramatically expands children's English vocabulary and teaches them to Read, Write and Spell simply and easily.

Play each exciting and challenging Word Rumble! game to receive Badges for Words Learned and Jigsaw pieces to Colour or Pattern.

Gradually you will build each Jigsaw to form your own beautiful original works of Art, all about You and what you Think and Do. With Word Rumble! games, you learn new skills, navigate your own learning & build a sense of yourself and your place in the world.

Word Rumble! Games Series Titles are “Becoming Me. Being Close. Building Confidence. Where I Belong.” and include Typepad, Bubble, Word Search and Card games and Jigsaw.

Game WordPAK titles are “I Am Able. I Am Caring. Learning is Fun. Me and My Home.” and include Typepad, Mixed Up Letter games and Jigsaw.

Word Rumble! is a thrilling venture because it makes Signs for Success tried and trusted methodology and practice available to anyone anywhere at an affordable price.

Word Rumble! uses British Sign Language (BSL) or American Sign Language (ASL) to support spoken and written English. The methodology is based on research and development that was conducted in Birmingham schools and a control study, commissioned by Birmingham Education Authority, on the impact of signing and fingerspelling on children's spelling ages. The correlation of sounds, written letters and the physical act of spelling out letters on the hands (phonics), resulted in children advancing their spelling ages over 6 months in 6 weeks!

To read the published Spelling research, click here

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  • "It is my view that signing should be part of early yearʼs practice. It is easy to learn, inclusive and attractive to both young and old."Marisol Garn, Windsor Kindergarten
  • "Basic signing could very easily be introduced in all schools and would benefit everyone."Paula Daniels, Trafalgar Day Nursery
  • "Signs for Success can be implemented anywhere and with everyone and should be mainstream practice."Leanne Miller, Manager/Researcher, Chestnuts Pre-School