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The Sign-a-Day Kit is a simple straightforward Ten Steps to Success programme that will have you signing straightaway!

Encourage early spoken language. Raise phonics levels. Improve behaviour.

Our tried, tested and proven methodology works!

The Kit contains:

A straightforward Ten Steps to Success Manual which shows you how to embed the programme in your home or setting plus:

  • Transforming Lives DVD shows the Signs for Success programme in action together with testimonies from parents, professionals and children
  • Signing Fun DVD with over 300 signs and signed phrases in 19 chapters; What shall we do today? What shall we wear today? What colour is it? Who's coming to visit? for example. The DVD comes with a 'How to Use' guide and listed content for easy navigation when you want to learn a particular sign or phrase.
  • Signing DVD contains 150 behaviour management signs and signed phrases. It is designed to help parents and practitioners to maintain calm in the home and setting. Children respond because the expectation is crystal clear. The DVD comes with a 'How to Use' guide and listed content for easy navigation when you want to learn a particular sign or phrase.
  • Hours of stimulating Child Development Activities that help you help babies and young children learn earlier and easier. This is the Signs for Success methodology and philosophy being practiced!
  • Individual and Group Record Sheets to show children's progress. This makes it easy to record signs understood, signs used, words used, giving crucial evidence of advancement in language skills.
  • Stunningly original, the First Signing ABC Book leads children from the illustration to the sign to the fingerspelled and written word with unparalleled ease. This way even 3 year-olds learn to read and spell! Comes with "How to Use" ideas
  • First Words Book .An innovative way to introduce the all-important emotions to toddlers! Comes with "How to Use" ideas.
  • First Feelings Book. The new and fun way to introduce concepts to babies and toddlers! See babies sign "cuddle" before babies can even say "cuddle". Comes with "How to Use" ideas.
  • WOW is a cute cuddly, signing character that totally captures children's imagination. On the back of WOW's hands there are flaps for children to put their hands through to make WOW sign. Comes with "How to Use".
  • Fingerspelling pack:
    • The poster is the speediest, most enjoyable way for children to learn the alphabet. It's quick, it's easy and it's fun. Hang it at a child's height and see what happens!
    • Our biggest secret revealed! In wearing the gloves children become WOW signers and instantly achieve. A signing winner! The gloves clarify the individual letters on the hands.
    • The Fingerspelling Alphabet book is the perfect reference tool for an individual child needing to find a particular letter or letters in their written work. Comes with "How to Use" ideas
  • Top Tips to support your early efforts

Recommended for

Anyone who wants to use signs with the babies and young children. It is used by Teachers and Learning Assistants to embed the Signs for Success programme in schools, by Early Years Practitioners to embed the programme in nursery settings – with a pack to lend to Parents - and by Childminders and Parents to embed the programme in the home.

It is also suitable for Health Visitors, Speech Therapists, Libraries, Nurses, Parent Support Workers etc., and a wide variety of organisations working with parents and young children.

Sign-a-Day Kit content:

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  • Gloves

We had an hour and a half training from Kathy Robinson with suggestions on how signing could be implemented in our setting. We decided as a whole staff team that we wanted to use signing throughout the centre and generally in conversations with children in free flow and with parents.

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How does the Kit work in settings?

One member of staff becomes the Signing co-ordinator and shares one-sign-a-day with work colleagues and parents who use that sign together with the spoken word in a wide range of curricula activities and normal every day routines.

Many schools use the programme with children up to the age of 11 years throughout the curriculum (in maths, science, geography etc.)

How does the Kit help behaviour?

Through sign language, children are encouraged to look, listen, think and learn. Noise and confusion in the classroom is replaced by peace and calm.

What about behaviour in the home?

In learning one behaviour sign a day and using it in activities and routines, parents expectations are made crystal clear to the child. The child knows what is expected of them at any given time because they can see the expectation. This might be a “thank- you” after they receive something or a “please” if they want something.

How does it help literacy?

In lots of tried and tested ways – but for example, the fingerspelling alphabet can be learned in less than an hour with the WOW Fingerspelling poster and book. Watch Melanie learning to read and spelling ‘alligator’ in seconds on the Home page.

How is the Kit different from the Learn English Early!Pack?

The Learn English Early! Pack has been designed for parents of the 0 – 4’s, although it is also used by childminders and nursery nurses too.

The Sign-a-Day Kit provides curricula activities appropriate to the 0 – 6 age group as well as additional resource materials. It is recommended for early years practitioners, teachers and carers.

If you are a parent and want the Kit then please contact us as we have a Ten Steps to Success guideline for embedding the programme in the home and with extended family members.

As a parent, which programme would you recommend I buy?

It depends on the age of your child, whether you want to gain a qualification, or want a particular focus such as positive behaviour. Read the information on the programmes carefully then visit the Evidence pages where case studies, reviews and research will guide you as to which programme is the most suitable for you.

As a setting, which would you recommend I buy?

The Sign-a-Day Kit is perfect to roll out in settings and we would recommend buying an extra Kit to lend to parents. Ideally, each classroom should have their own Kit. In many cases, we are training individual staff on the Signing to advance Speech, Language and Communication” course and the remaining staff learn one sign a day with the Kit. This provides the basis for rolling out parenting programmes.

Which children benefit from the Signs for Success methodology?

Hearing children, deaf children, children with additional needs and those for whom English is an additional language (EAL). Signs for Success is truly inclusive; everyone benefits!

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  • "We put up the WOW Fingerspelling poster and 1,000 children learned the alphabet overnight."Bob Donnelly, Nechells Association for Community Education
  • "Each morning the entire staff learned one sign or phrase from the Signing DVD then used it with children throughout the day. Within two weeks, the atmosphere of the whole school had changed … Unbelievable!"Janet Raybould, Headteacher, St.Clement’s Primary School
  • "It's inspiring!"
    "It's just magic!"
    "It's simple, spontaneous and so easy to use!"Allenscroft Children’s Centre


Recommended for

  • Teachers
  • Learning Assistants
  • EY's Practitioners
  • Parents
  • Health Visitors
  • Speech Therapists
  • Parent Tutors